Brick Wall

We all have one.

Anyone who has ever researched their family tree sooner or later gets to that point that no matter what you try, where you look, how creative you become you just can’t get past that point. The infamous brick wall.

OCGS has created a place for its members to pull their efforts to help each other climb this wall.

Periodically we will select a member’s submission and post pertinent details about the problem encountered, what resources have been tried, and what goal the member is trying to achieve.

With that information we invite our members to put on their Sherlock Holmes Deerstalker cap and try their hand.  Maybe there is an obscure website available. Perhaps it is a matter of changing search tactics.  Perhaps years of experience has created the knowledge of how to use subtle nuances in search techniques. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes might see what should have been obvious.


Do you enjoy research?  Do you love a challenge?  Would you like bragging rights in breaking a brick wall?  Perhaps you need just need a break from your tree for awhile and would enjoy looking at a fresh set of names?  Come join us in helping our fellow members.


Currently, Brick Wall submissions are reserved for members only.  If you enjoy research and would like to help others, or perhaps you have a brick wall you would like help with, consider becoming a member for only $10 per year.  Of course we would love your participation in our monthly meetings held on the 4th Monday of each month (January thru October) but if you live far away you can still enjoy participating in our Brick Wall project.  In addition to joining in the thrill of the hunt any monetary contribution will help Oklahoma County Genealogical Society in obtaining new materials for the Okmulgee Public Library.


Email your Brick Wall submission to  Please include all information you feel will be helpful, including the ultimate goal you are seeking (i.e. a name, date, place of birth, etc.)  Initial Information should include information that will help identify the person being sought: such as relatives, dates, census information, theories, family lore, etc.   If selected for the Brick Wall, an email will be sent to all members of the OCGS and a forum page will be setup to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and questions that may arise.


Members are encouraged to try websites, search techniques and other tricks they have mastered in order to help break through the wall.  You are encouraged to share your techniques and teach others tips, tricks, and websites you have in you bag of tools.