Available Research


The OCGS can examine several unique collections. Let us contribute to your Family History with the following research:

The Okmulgee Daily Times Death Index:  An OCGS EXCLUSIVE!  This index is from November 1920 to present day.  Obituaries or death notices will be looked up on microfilm, and a copy sent to you.   Search the Index                          Pricing for this service: $3 per record.

1970’s Cemetery Inventory:  In the mid seventies, the OCGS made an inventory of over 100 cemeteries in Okmulgee County.  Many of the gravestones found then no longer exist, or are illegible!  This valuable resource provides tombstone information no where else available.   Cemetery Order                                                       Pricing for this service: $2 per name.

Marriage Records: A complete set of original marriage records for Okmulgee County can ONLY be found at the Okmulgee County Court House.  An OCGS volunteer will research the original records.  If a match is found, a copy of the recorded document will be sent to you.  A great resource for finding additional information about your ancestors.  To order a Marriage Certificate click here   Marriage Records             Pricing for this service: $10 per name.

Yearbooks: The Okmulgee Public Library hosts the most complete collection of Okmulgee High School Yearbooks in existence, dating to 1912!   A class portrait can be an exciting addition to your family history project.  To see yearbooks available Click Here  Give us a name and an approximate year and we will take it from there.  If found, a copy of the individual’s class photo for the highest year discovered will be copied and sent to you. To order or learn more  Order Here                        Pricing for this service:  $5 per name.

Telephone Directories: The Okmulgee Public Library has Okmulgee City Directories  from  1909 to 2005.  Locating the exact address where an ancestor lived, or worked, can be an interesting find.  Today’s technology allows to pull up a picture of the current address right on your computer. The OGCS will help by searching the City Directory collection and providing address information found.  To learn more and see which City Directories are available Click Here                               Pricing for this service:  $4 for 4 separate years.